In trading line of business, MATRIX acts as an agent of many highend imported interior and architectural products. Our service is started from material and design selection to material supply and installation. Our product ranges from ceiling to flooring materials, from exterior cladding to interior panels, and from toilet cubicle system to furniture.
We have worked together with various clients in completion of many prestigious projects. With years of experience in offices, retails, banking, hotels, hospitals, schools, sports center; and supported by a team of human resources from architectural, interior, and civil engineering background; the company entrusts that we could give the best, both for clients and employees.

  1. TRESPA, compact panel that could be used for exterior cladding, interior panel, laboratory furniture, toilet cubicle, lockers and general furniture applications

  2. TARKETT, homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl floor in a wide selection of pattern

  3. BARRISOL, PVC stretch fabric for limitless choice of ceiling form, that could bring various ambiance

  4. ARMOURCOAT, a combination of ancient skill with modern materials and carefully refined application techniques, creating a stunning choice of polished plaster finishes

  5. GALAXY, non-corrosive aluminium that is a perfect combination of practical aspect and style in metal ceiling application

  6. ECLIPSE, access floor system that is specifically designed to enhance the efficienary and look of office

We also have our own brand for several products ;

  1. SPOT, our toilet cubicle system that is offering a solution for public toilet facilities; with easy to install, clean, aesthetics, and hygienic features

  2. SQUARE, our lockers system that is offering an aesthetics organized storage

In incoming years, with strong engineering and marketing team, we will develop other brands as signature of our products.